The Reception

The Refectory ~ Portland">

The Reception

The Refectory ~ Portland, Oregon

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Between disposable cameras, Larry's 6 rolls of film, and all the rest, we ended up with something like 300 photos of the reception!  I'll put a few up now and some others as I get a chance to scan them.



Photos below are at least twice the size shown, just click on any   "thumbnail"  to see it full size.




Procession.JPG (116786 bytes)

The procession leaving the church





Car.JPG (91531 bytes)

This is the car that brought Bret to the church
(cool, huh?)





FrKelly.JPG (58408 bytes)

Fr. Kelly leaving for the Reception




Cake.JPG (67371 bytes)

Classy cake




Caroline.JPG (54736 bytes)

Caroline, Rosaleen's sister




Speech.JPG (79138 bytes)

Bret giving his acceptance speech   :o)

(If you're interested, you can read the speech by clicking here:  Speech.)




FirstDance.JPG (78438 bytes)

First Dance




Clowns.JPG (87810 bytes)

Gate Crashers
(actually, some of Bret's clown friends)




Sisters.JPG (96053 bytes)

Caroline, Olivia, Pauline
(3 of Rosaleen's sisters)




Dancing.JPG (79188 bytes)

The Irish band taught a few steps





Kc.jpg (50087 bytes)

Bret's niece Kacey




Ken.JPG (56021 bytes)

Kacey's dad, Ken





KidsDancing.JPG (76317 bytes)

Rosaleen's niece & nephew, Eoin & Roisin
(yes, I spelled the names right!)




Lan&Cathy.JPG (94662 bytes)

Bret's brother Lanny & his wife Cathy




Regina&Leelee.JPG (70467 bytes)

Regina & Li Li




Pop&Sally.JPG (100059 bytes)

Bret's grandparents John & Sally Beckett





Roisin&Friend.JPG (77835 bytes)

Roisin & Friend




Rose&Ben.JPG (63298 bytes)

Ben & Rosaleen




Bliss.JPG (50276 bytes)

My favorite photo


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