The Formal Photos

Fernhill Park ~ Portland">

The Formal Photos

Fernhill Park ~ Portland, Oregon

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RosePortrait.JPG (76543 bytes)

The Bride, Rosaleen




Rose'sFamily.JPG (93819 bytes)

Bride's Family




BretPortrait.JPG (61926 bytes)

The Groom, Bret




Bret'sFamily.JPG (90435 bytes)

Bret's Family




Rose&PatricFormal.JPG (92944 bytes)

Rosaleen & brother Patrick




Bret&RoyceFormal.JPG (69407 bytes)

Bret & Best Man Royce




Couple&Moms.JPG (113223 bytes)

Rosaleen's mother Marie & Bret's mother Becky




keaton&roisin.jpg (93843 bytes)

Ring-Bearer Keaton & Flower-Girl Roisin





TheGirls.JPG (86590 bytes)

The Girls

(Ann Marie, Geraldine, Rosaleen, Regina)




TheGuys.JPG (103575 bytes)

The Guys

(Vincent, Patrick, Bret, Richie, Royce)




Kacey.JPG (107429 bytes)

Bret's niece Kacey




Everyone.JPG (138512 bytes)





Rose&Moms.JPG (76935 bytes)

(just thought this photo was funny)



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